Cute Pictures of Atif Aslam with Wife Sara Bharwana

Today we are going to share some of the cutest captured moments of this amazing couple and Giving each picture a unique title so you can enjoy their cuteness.

Presenting you our favorite couple " Sara & Atif  " 

On a Long Drive :

Being Cute at Wedding :

Cant Get Enough of Each Other :

The Newly Wed Couple Cuteness :

Always Happy Together :

the Wedding Show Stoppers :

We hope this couple keeps shining always and remains as cute as they are. 

Don't you guys think Atif Aslam looks more handsome with his wife? 

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Song - Khair Mangda - Atif Aslam


Another hit song by Atif Aslam , Khair Mangda which was featured in the bollywood movie.
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Song : Pehli Dafa - Atif Aslam - 2017

Pehli Dafa a master piece by Atif Aslam in his romantic style of singing more beautified by Ileana D'Cruz with her gorgeous looks in the song & Perfect Composition by Shiraz Uppal.
Lyrics by Shakeel Sohail.

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Lyrics - Younhi by Atif Aslam 2017

Below are the Lyrics for the Atif's new song younhi , to check out the song visit this link :

Younhi Lyrics :

Younhi anjaany mai 
Younhi naadani mai
Khoye wo sb rishtey

Younhi nadani mai
Ankh khuli
Toh bhari thi
Zindagi heran khari thi
x 2 

Kuch deir ko toh mai ruka tha
Chuu na chahaa 
Tu jaa chuka tha

Naa he khabar na he pata tha
Tu ajnabii yaa ashnaa tha .

Younhi anjaany main 
Younhi naadani main
Khoye wo sb rishtey
Younhi nadani main
Ankh khuli
Toh bhari thi
Zindagi heran khari thi ...


Naino ko bhi
Bhaya na thaa ....

Us neend ka yun , Ruthnaa
Kyu tha meri taqdeer mai
khawabon ka toootna

Ankh khuli toh bhari x3
Zindagi heran khari thi x3

Lyrics Originally Written & Sung by Atif Aslam.

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Jee Lay Har Pal - Atif Aslam 2017 - Pepsi

Atif Aslam's Rockstar mode finally activated for this Pepsi's song " Jee Lay Har Pal " , a Song which celebrates life , friends and music and Tells us to not worry about anything just live out of every moment. 
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Here's Exclusive Jee Lay Har Pal , Facebook Cover : 
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